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  • Biden and Trump are about to debate one another for the first time in 4 years
    NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with former presidential speechwriters Mary Kate Cary and Paul Orzulak about Thursday's debate between President Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump.

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  • There's been a breakthrough in organ transplants
    Surgeons at Northwestern Medicine say they successfully transplanted a kidney while the patient was awake.

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  • Biden and Trump will debate on Thursday. Here?s what you need to know
    President Biden and former President Donald Trump will face off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 general election on Thursday night in Atlanta. Find out how to watch and what to watch for.

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  • U.S. is 'flying blind' with bird flu, repeating mistakes of COVID, health experts say
    Three months into the U.S. bird flu outbreak, only 45 people have been tested and clinical labs aren't approved to detect the virus. They complain of slowness and uncertainty from the CDC and FDA.

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  • Israel talks of winding down its most intense fighting in Gaza
    Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is in Washington this week, and will continue conversations while Israel fights on two fronts -- in Gaza and on the border with Lebanon.

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  • Inside the Chinese-funded and staffed marijuana farms springing up across the U.S.
    Large numbers of migrants from China are crossing into the U.S. and finding work on marijuana farms. Some of the businesses are accused of exploiting workers and violating state growing rules.

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  • Gabrielle Rose won't swim in the Olympics. The 46-year-old wanted something bigger
    At age 46, Gabrielle Rose knew the Paris Olympics were out of reach. But the swimmer still went head-to-head with athletes half her age at the USA Swimming Olympic trials in Indianapolis.

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  • More Americans are living longer. Here?s a place that helps people thrive
    A center started by Wallis Annenberg in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles is creating a sense of community for older people who aim to keep learning and growing as they age.

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  • Gunmen killed more than a dozen people in an attack in southern Russia
    Gunmen attacked several religious sites in the region of Dagestan. A majority Muslim area, it is home to a diverse group of ethnicities and religious faiths, but no stranger to Islamic extremism.

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  • Morning news brief
    Israel's defense chief to meet with U.S. officials. Deadly attack in Russia's southern republic of Dagestan. Abortions are up two years since the Supreme Court revoked federal abortion protections.

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  • Princess Anne admitted to hospital after injury
    She suffered minor injuries on her Gloucestershire estate and is expected to make a full recovery, Buckingham Palace says.

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  • Tax rises hard to avoid over next 5 years, says IFS
    The economic research group says the main parties have ?ducked? addressing public finance challenges.

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  • Man 'plotted to abduct, rape and murder' Holly Willoughby
    Gavin Plumb, 37, wanted to commit "sexually motivated" violence against the TV star, a court hears.

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  • The party's over for the Tartan Army as Scotland exits Euros
    The hopes and dreams of Scotland fans are abruptly shattered in Stuttgart

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  • Kelce makes surprise appearance during Taylor Swift show
    Kelce joined Swift on stage as a dancer for I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.

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  • Jay Slater search continues in Tenerife one week on
    Police are scouring ravines in the the Spanish island for the 19-year-old, who vanished last Monday.

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  • Yellow heat health alerts in place for most of England
    A yellow heat-health alert will be issued for most of England from 08:00 BST on Monday.

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  • Are renters a new electoral coalition?
    Margaret Thatcher had Essex Man and New Labour boasted Mondeo Man. Now it's the turn of Renter Ruth.

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean star killed in shark attack
    Tamayo Perry was surfing when the attack happened in Hawaii on Sunday afternoon.

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  • Nineteen dead in attacks on churches and synagogue in southern Russia
    Unidentified gunmen in Dagestan kill 19 police officers and civilians in coordinated attacks.

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  • HPE GreenLake sales on the rise as branding tweaks include more lines

    The strategy has changed so much that previously poor channel numbers don't count, we're told

    HPE's GreenLake strategy has changed so completely that the company said it's impossible to compare poor channel sales numbers just three years ago to the modern GreenLake era.?

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  • Levi's and more affected in pants-dropping week of data breaches

    A busy few days for security teams

    There were data breaches galore in the US last week with various major incidents reported to state attorneys general, some in good time, some not.?

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  • It's desktop refresh season in the land of the Windowsalikes

    Those with curious disposition spoilt for choice as KDE 6.1, Cinnamon 6.2, and IceWM 3.5 all arrive

    New versions of two of the most popular "traditional" desktops are out, alongside a new release of one of the oldest and smallest.?

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  • Meta and SQL Server make strange bedfellows on a couch of cyber-pain

    Yanks get food poisoning far more often than Brits. Is American IT just as sickening?

    Opinion When two stories from opposite ends of the IT universe boil down to the same thing, sound the klaxons. At the uber-fashionable AI end of tech, Meta has grudgingly complied with a ruling not to feed European social media crap into its training data. Meanwhile, in the industrial slums, 20 percent of running Microsoft SQL Server instances are now past the end of support.?

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  • Techie took out a call center - and almost their career - with a cut and paste error

    Have you heard the one about the techie who forgot what was on the clipboard?

    Who, me? Brace yourselves, gentle readers, for it is once again Monday, and the work week has commenced. Thankfully, The Reg is here with another dose of Who, Me? in which readers share tales of times they had a day worse than the one you're having. We hope it helps.?

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  • DARPA searched for fields quantum computers really could revolutionize, with mixed results

    It's not all hype, but more work is needed before solutions are feasible or affordable

    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has published the results of an exercise that assessed whether quantum computers will deliver on the promise of solving problems that stump classical machines ? with mixed results.?

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  • India to build re-usable launch vehicle after nailing third landing of mini-spaceplane

    Next: more work on crewed mission, including space yoga for astronauts

    India's Space Research Organization has signalled its intention to build a reusable launch vehicle after a third test of an unpowered experimental precursor again nailed its landing.?

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  • Samsung teases investment to get into the GPU game

    A head-on assault on Nvidia seems unlikely ? but dumping AMD from Exynos has merit

    Analysis Samsung has teased its entry into the GPU industry, but its plans are obscure.?

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  • Snowflake breach snowballs as more victims, perps, come forward

    Also: The leaked Apple internal tools that weren't; TV pirate pirates convicted; and some critical vulns, too

    Infosec in brief The descending ball of trouble over at Snowflake keeps growing larger, with more victims ? and even one of the alleged intruders ? coming forward last week.?

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  • SoftBank boss says 'artificial superintelligence' could be three years away

    Plus: Huawei closer to divorcing Android; India probes Amazon warehouses; Singapore gets autonomous street sweepers

    Asia In Brief SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son last week told investors he believes an "artificial superintelligence" that has 10,000 times the intelligence of humans could arrive in as little as three years.?

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  • Decades later, John Romero looks back at the birth of the first-person shooter
    Id Software co-founder talks to Ars about everything from Catacomb 3-D to "boomer shooters."

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  • NASA indefinitely delays return of Starliner to review propulsion data
    ?We are letting the data drive our decision."

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  • Internet Archive forced to remove 500,000 books after publishers? court win
    Internet Archive fans beg publishers to stop emptying the open library.

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  • Top FDA official overrules staff to approve gene therapy that failed trial
    Peter Marks overruled three teams and two top directors.

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  • $200-ish laptop with a 386 and 8MB of RAM is a modern take on the Windows 3.1 era
    Pocket 386 supports external accessories and will just barely run Windows 95.

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  • Citing national security, US will ban Kaspersky anti-virus software in July
    Kaspersky blames the "present geopolitical climate and theoretical concerns."

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  • Congress passes bill to jumpstart new nuclear power tech
    ADVANCE Act heads for Biden's signature, but it may be too little, too late.

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  • 40 years later, X Window System is far more relevant than anyone could guess
    One astrophysics professor's memories of writing X11 code in the 1980s.

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  • Apple Intelligence and other features won?t launch in the EU this year
    iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing will also skip the EU for now.

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  • Win+C, Windows? most cursed keyboard shortcut, is getting retired again
    Win+C has been assigned to some of Windows' least successful features.

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